Therapeutic Intervention

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Therapeutic Intervention


In this study we try to explore the concept of “Therapeutic intervention” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “Wii use as tool of Therapeutic intervention” and its relation by occupational therapists”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “Therapeutic intervention” and tries to gauge its effect on “Wii use as tool of Therapeutic intervention”.

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Rationale for the study1

Occupational therapy1

Background literature2

Aims and Objectives7

Evidence-based question9



Rationale for chosen design10

Search Strategy10

Types of research evidence11

Study selection criteria12

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Data Extraction Tools19

Search strategy21

Time Scale24


Wii Fit Plus Review / Journal27

American Journal of Occupational Therapy30


Chapter 1 Introduction

Rationale for the study

This study is rational in many contexts. The study identifies many aspects of Wii used as Therapeutic Intervention.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy, occupational therapy, the use of work processes for therapeutic purposes. In some diseases Occupational therapy is used to improve the tone of the organism, the normalization of metabolic processes, using the work in the fresh air, requiring the participation of many muscles (e.g., gardening). In Trauma and Orthopedics for the restoration of limb function using specials. Types of work with a certain amount of movement and participation of certain groups of muscles. The most widely used Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry to the beneficial impact on the psyche of patients. Labor processes, selected depending on the patient, have activating or calming effect. Occupational Therapy at the sub acute and chronic mental illnesses and conditions, causing personality changes of patients plays an important role in the system of social and labor rehabilitation.

Background literature

Occupational Therapists have known such a course of patient by analogy with the rehabilitation (rehabilitation), according to CNN. Moving games to the console in many hospitals and rehabilitation centers have become part of treatment for patients with stroke, fractures and surgery.

Wiimote (handle-wireless controller) capable of detecting movement and console were designed so that everyone can play regardless of his skill and experience. The game console comes with Wiisport, program includes five activities: tennis, boxing, baseball, golf and bowling. Wii, recently arrived in the world of world of gaming consoles, really slice with the other consoles for which to be a virtuoso inches was enough to make scores. This arcade game for all age groups and all ages can be used for therapy in functional rehabilitation, incorporating the gesture to its use; the Wii becomes a tool athlete or individual becomes an actor of his movement. (Wolfe, 2005. .853)

Genesis Project

The game experience of my son helped me understand the impact of the Wii, the latter making me part of the onset of muscle soreness in the limbs than a few days after practicing boxing and tennis and this last point that caught my attention particularly, demonstrating a real muscular work; That's when I got the idea to extrapolate, from playful to professional, and therefore the rehabilitation of my patients. Propose the use of the W ii to my patients and was of significant interest, that of novelty, thus preventing the monotony of ...
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