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Selas Fluid's Thermatrix® flameless thermal oxidizers (FTO's) provide field-proven high performance, cost productive answers for the decimation and removal of a broad variety of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and hazardous air pollutants (HAP's). The company offer a full range of FTO's to handle flows from 1 to 100,000 scfm (1 - 160,700 Nm3/hr.). Selas Fluid supplies stand-alone emission command devices through large-scale process remedy schemes, or process-integrated, turnkey pollution control systems.

The use of polymer adsorbents for SVE off-gas remedy is not especially well developed compared to the use of activated carbon, but polymer adsorbents are more routinely used than zeolites. Dow Chemical Company developed a polymer adsorbent (DOWEX OPTIPORE™) in 1997 designed for adsorption of chlorinated VOCs from SVE and groundwater off-gases generated from site remediation. Thermatrix Inc. (Thermatrix; previously PURUS, Inc.) is actually trading the PADRE® system for SVE off-gas remedy in the United States. In general, the scheme resembles other triggered carbon and zeolite filter bed schemes but utilises a hydrophobic polymer adsorption medium made by Dow Chemical Company. Aregeneration loop feed from the adsorbent bed allows air flow through a chiller and condenser, where contaminant chemicals are separated and drain to a waste storage tank. Figure 4-5 displays a typical polymer adsorption system.

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Thermatrix is an industrial company primarily serving the global market of continuously operating facilities for a variety of industries, that include the refining, chemical, steel, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, electric utilities, co-generation plants, and industrial manufacturers. Thermatrix provides a number of air pollution control solutions, including its unique flameless thermal oxidation In microfabrication, thermal oxidation is a way to produce a thin layer of oxide (usually silicon dioxide) on the surface of a wafer (semiconductor). The technique forces an oxidizing agent to diffuse into the wafer at high warmth and react with it. expertise, ...
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