Thesis Statement

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Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is to find out the relationship between the two factors in both the writings.

Absalom! Absalom!

In the early 1934, Faulkner began work on a new novel, which he originally gave the same name "Dark House" as rough drafts "Light in August". The basis of the novel was based on two stories about the writer's family Satpenov: unpublished "Evangeline" (1931), where the basic features were already planned in storyline, Charles Bon, Henry Satpena and his sister, and "Wash" (1933) - a future version of Chapter VII " Absalom ", that refers to the killing of Colonel Satpena poor tenant Washam Jones (in" Evangeline "Satpen die a natural death). The desire to give their roots a mythic of dimension and create his own world of rich and tragic relationships Faulkner presides over this novel, which can be a very clear precedent of One Hundred Years of Solitude. Faulkner has dozens of times the same story, but always with a dark data flow, rather than facts, resonances, or consequences of those events. He tells the story, or binds together Quentin Compton in "sound and fury." He himself appears as an actor, not merely as a narrator of legends. I brought him because he is on the verge of suicide, and I can use his anger, passing into hatred of the South and Southerners to make the most of this history than would the usual historical novel.

For a long time, however, Faulkner failed to advance past the first chapter of the new novel. In autumn 1934 he generally stopped work on the manuscript and returned to her just six months later, in March 1935, writing in between a series of short stories and a novel about the pilots' Tower. “Only in January 1936, "Absalom, Absalom!" was completed and 26 October the same year was published in publishing house Random House.

There among the characters featured in Quentin neighbor Harvard dorm, the Canadian Shreve, although in "Absalom, he got another name (instead of Makkenon McKenzie). Both novels are linked not only by common characters, not just the general site of action, but also numerous thematic and situational roll calls (for example, the theme of incest), as well as general literature "subtext" - Macbeth's soliloquy, which gave the name of "noise and fury, and several times quoted in "Absalom"

Title of the novel goes back to the Biblical legend of King David and his sons, Absalom and Amnove. Absalom killed his brother because he had defiled their sister Tamar. Forgiven his father, he raised a mutiny against him, but was killed by the servants of David, when he was in a battle "with her hair became entangled in the branches of oak and hung between heaven and earth." Learning about the death of his son, King David "went to the chamber over the gate and wept, and when I went, spoke thus: my son Absalom! My son, my son Absalom! About who would have given me had died for thee, O Absalom, my son, my ...
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