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Thesis Statement

“Langston Hughes represented Afro-American themes in his poems. Love, Hatred and Death were the most common themes of his poems which need to be analyzed and compared with each other.”


Langston Hughes (1902-1967) is one of the most important black American writers. He was one of the greatest exponents of the Harlem Renaissance of the twenties and later, the chief representative of the Afro-American, which took him not only one of its most brilliant poets but a tireless player and broadcaster. Through his writings and his public statements, he achieved the main goals of social and civil progress of the colored population of the United States.

He lived for a brief period with his father in Mexico, but left him because of this disregard for his own race. Traveled by sea and played junior jobs in France and Italy, before making its appearance in the Harlem literary scene, where he published between 1921 and 1925, in Crisis and Opportunity magazines, some poems that brought him to fame: The black Speaks of Rivers, Mother to Son and The Weary Blues, which became the title of his first collection in 1926.


The great writer Langston Hughes has written many poems in his life time. These poems range from the topic of Love to the Death. Langston Hughes has written a considerable number of publications, including opera libretti, articles and anthologies of African American culture, both learned and popular. These titles are also worth highlighting the immense sea and still laughing. His interest in the daily lives of black, your language and music, blues and jazz-is increasingly reflected in his poetry.

Juke Box Love Song is a beautiful poem by Langston Hughes in which he has described the concept of love. The idea that he has given in this superb poem is of love between the two bodies that is being shared. When someone reads this poem, he gets into the scene that is created by the writer and sense the same happiness of the love that is being felt by the Harlem girl in the poem. It is a song of love that is being sung by the individual who is in love. It is a simple but beautiful song. Hughes is making a comparison of women to a near spotless night and her eyes to the lone star's. Her body is as clear as a cloudless sky and the only thing that might be blemishes or spots are her eyes that are so beautiful that someone can dubbed into them. The poet has also compared the girl with the relaxing peace of mind that is only found in the sleep and that the stillness of the night is very lifeless that he can simply relax whenever she is around. He has said that the women are enchanting. The name of the woman is Ardella. Her songs catch his attention, preventing him from accepting the calmness and falling asleep. The poet has described Harlem as a place of happiness. He has said to take the neon ...
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