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Think Globally, Act Locally

Think Globally, Act Locally


Over the years, the topic of Global market has become increasingly popular. The world has now become a global village. Although the advent of globalization has brought definite advantages, it has also some disadvantages. The primary purpose of this essay is to demonstrate the effect of the two of our meals in our life from both the ecological and economic point of view. This research is on my breakfast and dinner. I had two boiled eggs, a glass of fresh orange juice and a slice of wheat toast. For dinner, I had brown rice, grilled bake chicken, wheat roll, and a bottled of Ozarka water. In the following section, I will be discussing some important aspects relating to both the meals.

Discussion & Analysis

In this section, we will be discussing the place of origin of both the meals, the country that each part of our meal came from, the place where we have purchased the products from, and the process to get the products from the farm/laboratory to our table.

Place of Origin of Meals

All the products included in my breakfast and dinner, bought from H-E-B supermarket, and each component of my meal originated from different locations, namely:

Boiled eggs: Jackson, MS

Bag of wheat bread: Neena, WI

Orange juice: Atlanta, GA

Brown rice: Miami, FL

Chicken: Pittsburg, TX

Ozarka water: East Springs, TX

Boiled eggs

The main source of eggs are hens, the place where hens are kept is known as Hatchery. The hen, when ready to lay eggs, finds a place in the coop. When the eggs, laid they are collected from the coops. Once the quality eggs are assorted, they are packaged and placed in their respective cartons where they get ready for shipment.

Wheat Bread

The grains of wheat are harvested at the farms, once harvested, they are shifted to wheat mills where they processed and converted in to flour. After the wheat is processed and turned in to flour, they are shifted to factories where they are converted to wheat breads. First, all the necessary ingredients, along with the flour, blended together until it turns in to dough or a thick paste. Next, the dough, put in large ovens and baked at high temperature until it gets the shape of a loaf. When the bread is ready, sent to quality assessment department to assess the taste, consistency and weight of the loafs. Once the quality assessment is done, it is shifted to containers for shipment.

Orange juice

The oranges ripen on the tree. The best quality oranges are assorted and take in to factories where they are processed and converted in to orange juice. Before oranges goes through a whole process, a sample taken to assess whether it fulfills the necessary requirement (acid and brix), the acid ratio of the sample orange is tested to assess the sugar level of the juice. Once the sample orange clears the test, whole lots of oranges, then shifted to finisher(screen) where the seeds and the pulp of oranges are ...
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