Third World Dependency On Global Citizenship

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Third World Dependency on Global Citizenship

Third World Dependency on Global Citizenship

Thesis statement

The concept of global citizenship will enable the world to attain sheer peace and brotherhood in the long run.


A lot has changed in the world ever since the advent of globalisation has started to demonstrate its impact on the regions, their workings also on the inhabitants of the world. Many intellectuals deem this world to be united and homogenous, without any apparent hindrances and boundaries between the regions and their citizens. Earlier, individuals were confined to their own respective regions and societal groups, but globalization has played a pivotal role in breaking the barrier and lessening the geographic boundaries.

Global Citizenship

The global citizenship focuses on lowering the differences and imparting tolerance among the citizens belonging to different regions, regarding the other regions of the world. Global citizenship demonstrates the concept that an individual is just not the citizen of his/her region, but also is a respectable citizen of the global community (Armstrong, 2006, p.348).

Civil Strife Related To Ethnicity

There are a few determined factors which usually lead to the civil strife within the region, and it may even spread to the other regions, as well. The main igniters behind civil strife are the major and minor differences that exist between communities or numerous ethnic groups of the regions. It is quite apparent and natural for people of different origins and characteristics to feel comfortable and well-disposed with homogeneous people, and not to get along with individuals that bear differing characteristics and traits. These differences often lead to conflicts between the ethnic groups or communities and may turn ugly. The real factors that lie behind such a conflict are the lack of tolerance and acceptance of existence of the other group (Handelman, 2010, P. 152).

Reasons behind Its Reduction in Past 10-15 Years

Undoubtedly, these conflicts, civil riots and bloodshed have not only caused substantial blood, monetary and property loss but also have aggravated the situation and relations between the distinct communities even more. These conflicts are not only confined to inter regional affairs, but spread over the international boundaries and involve the different countries, as well. Bearing in mind the losses and the escalated hatred between different communities and countries, the heads of different communities and regions have understood the fact that the cause of all this hatred and bloodshed is both the intolerance of the other group, community or region, and ...
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