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this order is in continuation(2nd part) of 41015824 (1st part)

Nike SWOT Analysis

Executive Summary

Nike is a worldwide corporation with many levels within their business process. As other companies in the apparel industry the most important departments are the management, design, manufacturing and marketing. Besides these research and development is also very important within Nike because of the importance to create good, up to date sport shoes. As a matter a fact Nike spend up to two years developing and designing some of their shoes. As new shoes are ready to be introduced on the market, marketing is the big issue, which is done through huge ad campaigns and big sport stars. In addition to these there are also more groups and departments within the business that all together fulfill every level in its business process.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is part of making strategic analysis of every company. SWOT analysis sizes up a firm's resource strengths and weaknesses and its external opportunities and threats to provide a good overview of whether a firm's business position is fundamentally healthy or unhealthy. This will provide a clear view of Nike's resource capabilities and deficiencies, its market opportunities, and the external threats to the company's future well being and provide a starting point for our recommendations to Nike's strategic market strategy.


Nike is an industry leader in developing innovative new products. One of the strength of Nike Corporation is its brand name recognition, because Nike has been around so long, the brand is recognized and respected both internationally and domestically. Nike has effectively marketed their products and in addition understands the importance of a quality product. They are continually improving their shoes through new technologies that are developed by their research teams. Nike's important sustainable competitive advantage is their intangible assets, such as brand image and organizational culture. Everybody knows that Nike Corporation is a competitive company.

Strength of Nike is their brand loyalty, Nike has consistently produced quality products that appeal to its consumers, and Nike carries a wide arrangement of products with a large amount of options for personal preference. Strong international presence is an advantage for Nike Corporation, in the U.S sales continue to slack off or the economy continues to worsen, they have their international investment that consistently turns into a profit. Nike is the number one footwear manufacturer in terms of international competition in the market; with the distribution centers.

Research and development organization of Nike is one of the company strength, which has the ability to keep the company's pipeline full in innovative new products. The companies also have manufacturing contracts with manufacturers in countries that do not have as many requirements for conditions of work environment and others that increase costs.


There are weaknesses that Nike has gained for a couple of different reasons. Labor practices are one issue that really attached to the Nike Corporation. Activist groups and student organizations have made Nike symbol of labor ...
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