Thorstein Veblen's Concept Of 'conspicuous Consumption'

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Thorstein Veblen's Concept of 'Conspicuous Consumption'

Interior Schemes In Relation To Thorstein Veblen's Concept of 'Conspicuous Consumption'


The Conspicuous Consumption concept of Veblen dipicts that the people only buy expensive items to show off their wealth and to communicate to others that they belong to the high social class of the society. Veblen's powerful analysis of the wasteful and pointless need for the competitiveness for a high social status is rooted within his theory of conspicuous consumption. In this paper, two interior leisure spaces have been analyzed in reference to the Thorstein Veblen's 1899 The Theory of the Leisure Class. The theory of Veblen is discussed in this paper and two schemes - lavish airport terminals and large retail centres - are also evaluted in reference to the theory of Conspicuous Consumption.

The interior spaces of many leisure and retail places are set on the conspicuous consumption to portray the high social class. The interior of the structure shows the same pervasive guidance of the canons of conspicuous waste and predatory exploit. The windows, for instance, to go no farther into detail, are placed with a view to impress their pecuniary excellence upon the chance beholder from the outside, rather than with a view to effectiveness for their ostensible end in the convenience or comfort of the beneficiaries within; and the detail of interior arrangement is required to conform itself as best it may to this alien but imperious requirement of pecuniary beauty.

Scheme 1

Lavish Airport Terminals Relation to Velben's Theory

Air travel, a luxury before, has become within the reach of common man quite recently thanks to the competitive tariffs offered and increased frequency of trips to various destinations. However, the impression the emerging lavish airports gives to everyone is that airport is an end in itself and not just a comfortable means to one's destination. But all at a heavy cost for people. At least that would be the feedback from ordinary citizens.

That is the plight of passengers. If you had reached the airport to receive or drop some guests, a different type of ordeal is ready for you. You will hardly find a place to sit. You will wait for hours along with hundreds of others including the cab drivers holding your hands on the railings. Wants to quench your thirst? Be ready to shell out the price they charge in star hotels!

Statistics indicate that number of air passengers from Bangalore (especially for trips to near destinations) have reduced drastically after the opening of new airport. BIAL should understand that, all those who travel by air are not immensely rich to throw their hard earned money for substandard and over pitched services. People may travel for emergencies. Many travel officially. And who needs the so called 'world class facility' with a high 'user fee' price tag?

Let it cater to those who can afford. And let the user fee be doubled or tripled. But majority needs an airport without all these frills and glitz. The people have become accustomed to conspicuous ...