Time Management And Supervision

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Time Management and Supervision

Time Management and Supervision


It is important for the citizens and fire men to know how to react when a fire occurs because the fire spreads with rapid speed and there are only few crucial moments to call the foreign aid. The company employees and local citizens must be included in the security. They must be aware of the fire prevention concepts related to their position work and must understand their role performance in the emergency plan. There is a special team which keeps the daily risks under control, check establishment, detect additional risks and maintain proper processes, equipments and escape routes (Hiraki, 2011).

Time Management

Fight against a fire is a fight against time, every moment is precious. It is less risky and less costly to prevent fire than to extinguish or to repair the damage. Time management is as important as finance investment. It is important for the fire service supervisors to respect and utilize time effectively. A few fire supervisors are obsessed with their time and its utilization. Supervisors also take measure to control their time and avoid time wastage. Effective time management is important for the fire service supervisors where they allocate their time and their staff's time. The process of time management must not be confused with the work product where the organizational goals and objectives must be achieved to ensure success (Kirkham, 2007).

It is required from the supervisor to manage time effectively through planning, organizing, controlling so that failure is avoided at its maximum. Through effective time management system, the planning process includes the priorities, objectives and goals. Fire service supervisors practice strategic management to define their tasks and projects on daily basis through the organization's strategic direction and planning. Time management is supported by the improvised ability for the performance of technical and managerial functions by the fire service supervisor. It is important for the fire service supervisor to analyze how to use and misuse the time. It is of utmost importance that the fire service supervisor do not waste time and do the maximum action required in less time during fire emergencies.

There are four main styles related to time investment. The four styles are gambler, aggressive investor, moderate investor and very conservative investor. Gambler is the one who invests much time on the available opportunities and pressure of the situation. The investment and payoff is also high. The gambler will think before taking action. The aggressive investor is the one who invests large amount of time only where return is expected. The aggressive investor makes conscious decisions and doesn't take risks than the gambler. The probable outcomes are checked by the aggressive investor, for say the culture of the community and management receptiveness. The moderate investor is the one who take risks only after considering all implications and viewing the perspectives from all angles. The moderate investor takes frequent time risks, especially if the rest is warranted. The very conservative investor is the one who plans all the utilization and consumption ...
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