Tips For Effective Communication

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Tips for Effective Communication

Tips for Effective Communication


Communication is an important tool of every organization. It refers to exchange of thoughts and perception in written or oral form. Effective communication is the basic function of the management. When there is more number of people working in an organization, communication system has to be effectively managed. Communication comes under controlling and direction function of management.

The process of communication involves six stages. First step is to analyze the situation in which the message has to be delivered. Then the message is encoded by the sender or encoder. After encoding, sender has to choose the medium of communication through which message is to be transmitted. The message then sent to decoder or receiver through the chosen medium and in the last, the sender interpreted the message through verbal or non verbal communication. Both verbal and non-verbal communication is equally important and therefore, managers should utilize the proper use of tips that are essential for effective communication system. The important tips in verbal communication are corporate meetings and report where as in non-verbal messages; body language and gestures are the important ones.


Every manager has to manage the company's communication system in order to deliver the message correctly. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal.

In Verbal communication, language plays an important role in verbal communication. In business environment, managers have to communicate messages in clear and precise way and must be understood by the receiver. It should be encouraging so that the listener is motivated to listen to it carefully and take it positive (Fast, 1970). The purpose of communication is to make listener understand your perception and views. Lengthy discussions and explanations may lead to miscommunication and listener would not be able to understand it properly.

Whereas in Non-verbal communication, Professor Albert states that the ...
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