Tito A Beneficial Leader For Yugoslavia

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Tito A Beneficial Leader for Yugoslavia


The purpose of this paper is to dicuss the Tito as a beneficial Leader for Yugoslavia. Josip Broz Tito was born in Kumrovec on May 7 1892 and died in Ljubljana on May 4 1980 . Yugoslav was a communist leader and statesman. In September 1913, Tito enters into military service, first in Vienna and then at his own request in the 25th Dom bran people in Zagreb. Josip Broz Tito emerged from the war as a recognized statesman, leader of the anti-fascist war. The paper is divided into various headings which will discuss Tito in terms of politics, revolution, world war 2, new lord of Yugoslavia etc. Table of Contents


Thesis Statement4


The Army, War, Revolution (1913th To 1920th)6

The Worker, Ilegalac, Unionist (1920-1928)7

Rebels Accused, Convict (1928th To 1934th)8

The Professional Revolutionary Period (1934th To 1941st)8

World War II10

New Lord of Yugoslavia13

Non-Aligned Foreign Policy16

Democratization And The Reform Of The Federation17

Last Years of Tito18



Tito A Beneficial Leader for Yugoslavia

Thesis Statement

Tito was the undisputed leader of the communist partisan resistance movement and the main organizer of the strategy and tactics of partisan warfare, and political decisions that will shape the future of Yugoslavia on the ruins of destroyed Axis allies and prevent the restoration of monarchical Yugoslavia.


Josip Broz Tito was bron in Kumrovec on May 7 1892 and died in Ljubljana on May 4 1980 . Yugoslav was a communist leader and statesman. Member of the Communist Party since 1920, and then the General Secretary (in the terminology of the party: organizational and general secretary). Organizer and undisputed leader of the National Liberation War 1941-1945. Undisputed leader of Yugoslavia over 35 years. Croatian Encyclopedia summarizes his historic role: "The war comes as a renowned military leader and politician, leader of the anti-fascist war, credited for the return of Croatian Istria, Rijeka and Island, and is responsible for repression and retaliation at the end war and postwar period. He ruled Yugoslavia for 35 years wishing to reconcile the independence of Yugoslavia, its equality among nations and communist rule. "

The Birth House Of Josip Broz

Josip Broz was born on 7 May 1892 and in Kumrovec in the Croatian Zagorje. In various documents, he has appeared to have different dates of birth, and in one document from the time when the Austrian army said served as a date of birth 25th May 1892, he and Hitler ordered the invasion of Drvar on the 1944. After the war, continued to this day to celebrate Tito's birthday as Youth Day. His father was Franjo Broz, mother of Mary, born Javoršek, was a Slovene. Ancestors Brozovih in Zagorje could be traced until the first half of the sixteenth century. Joseph was the seventh of fifteen children. In 1901st to 1905th in Kumrovec completed four years of elementary school. In the next two years working as hard on the farm of his uncle in Podsreda. Comes in Sisak 1907 in order to learn a trade waiter, but soon decided to become a ...