Topic: Fruits And Vegetables Bio-Technology

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[Topic: Fruits and Vegetables Bio-Technology]



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Biotechnology scientists understand the use of a living organism with an industrial purpose. When that occurs is a food, we are making food biotechnology. (Berg 2007) In reality, this definition includes all food technology, and that everything eats living beings, whether animal, vegetable or fermented foods. (Bishop 2008)

In general the consumer has a different perception of what is food biotechnology and understands this term refers to the application of genetics in food: in other genes to put words in your soup. But oddly enough, apply genetic food is nothing new; that since man began to be a farmer and cattle began to apply techniques genetic improvement of plant varieties or animal food. (Bennett 2008) In fact, for more than fourteen thousand years of plant breeding has been based on the emergence of spontaneous mutants (natural variability) and cross-species sexually compatible (hybridization). (Bartels 2007)

Similarly, the improvements of animal breeds consume in our diet, or we get food like milk or eggs, has made ??use of sexual crossing. (Baltes 2007) In the case of foods and fermented beverages, enzymes have been improved using induced mutation. Today we know that varieties of cabbage to eat come from an ancestor that arose as evolutionary result of a natural mutation in a particular gene in the same way as has been reconstructed the phylogeny of the current varieties of bread wheat and concluded that the genomes of these are authentic puzzles from multiple genetic crosses between ancestral varieties. (Baldereschi 2008) All these processes of genetic improvement in food have been conducted in a manner empirically without knowing the molecular basis of that which is mutated or exchanged. (Anstey 2008)

Molecular genetics and food

Nutrition has defined many of the components necessary for an adequate diet in terms of macronutrients and micronutrients, however, nutritional requirements are influenced by individual characteristics, biochemical and in the end, and even genetic-environmental or social factors, so that these recommendations General nutritional not conform strictly to the needs of a individual. (Walters 2009)

One of the challenges of modern nutrition is the need to understand bases of this differentiation in terms of individual nutritional requirements and conjunctural, with a view to establishing individual and specific nutritional regimens in situations. (Keller 2002) This will not be possible if nutrition does not add as an object of ranging study and interaction with the endocrine status of an individual, Evaluation of the ...
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