Topic: How Does Art Reduce Stress?

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Topic: How does Art reduce stress?

How does Art reduce stress?


Art and artwork has always been considered one of the effective ways for emotional release. In art work one can easily express his/er feeling, can reflect his/er emotions, or can tell any long story in just one picture/sculpture etc. In this study we will examine how an individual by observing eight different art works can release his/er stress. It is assumed that the person before the interview has turned to an art institution where he observed paintings, in this paper it will be scrutinize to what extent those art works have been proven effective in reducing the stress of that person. (Harrington, and Douglas, 2008)

Effects of Stress

Firstly we will examine what are the effects of stress on any individual as clear understanding of stress' effects would be helpful in examining its relevancy to art work. Around the 1970s, stress became a popular, and frequently overused, household and workplace term. This was the result of the rapid rate of change coupled with technological advancements that brought about a new hurried pace of life. For most of the people especially job seekers stress is associated with their life until they get the job and often this has been counted when such stress reflects during interview mark negative impression on interviewer. Research indicates that many people report their job seeking stress resulted in health problems. It is well documented that stress can manifest into more serious health problems that pose long-term consequences for the whole family. As a result, this makes job seekers more vulnerable and they can start feeling themselves inferior although they are not. But due to continuous level of stress chances are there that such feelings generate in them. (Eisen, George, Bollash, and Linda, 2008)

Stress is the ...
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