Topic: Nursing 530 Case Study No 2

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Topic: Nursing 530 Case Study No 2

What is endometriosis and how is it different from primary dysmenorrheal?

Endometriosis is a benign disease that affects women during their reproductive life. This tissue developed incorrectly can settle anywhere in the abdomen, and even in rare places like the navel or the lungs. Plaques that form are called implants when they are small nodules when they are older and endometriomas when they form cysts ovaries.

What implications does a diagnosis of endometriosis have in terms of C.M plans to become pregnant?

For C.M the diagnosis of endometriosis are that scientists believe that some of menstruation flows through the tubes and falls into the abdomen rather than expelled to the outside. However, this occurs in many women, who, moreover, will never develop endometriosis, so that further explanations were sought. This is not the number of defenses is reduced, but lower quality. This would prevent that recognize as foreign endometrial cells (normally only in the uterus) and leave them free passage for planting in the internal organs.

The diagnosis of endometriosis cannot be only based on symptoms presented in C.M. Therefore, it should be a series of complementary to realize the existence and severity of each case. Remember also that the finding may be casual in a routine visit. For diagnosis C.M have to the following test mandatory to know in which stage she is,

Gynecological examination

The doctor may find an increase in the size of one or both ovaries, while you can appreciate a certain degree of immobility or posting them to the bottom wall of the uterus or vagina. But further tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis.


It is the basic technique that initially suggests the diagnosis of endometriosis. The image is relatively typical, ovarian cysts ...
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