Tough Mudder

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Tough Mudder


There has been a steady rise in the field of thrill seeking. From bungee jumping to sky diving people have been open to newer experiences around the globe. Ordinary people like to be exposed to different experiences that are performed by professionals (Syvertsen, pp.319-337). Pictures give a different story until and unless not explained. A picture may present a different perception than what it actually is. The picture below presents a similar scenario.


This photo may look like people struggling through get through a muddy filed. In actuality it is a part of an obstacle race titled “Tough Mudder”, held across the United States. Tough Mudder was initiated in the year 2010, and people sign up for it from their own free will. It is a race in which people go through tough challenges and pay up to $200 for the experience.

The courses are 10-12 miles long, and around a dozen obstacles that the participants have to go through. The obstacle courses are designed by the British Special Forces to examine the strength, stamina, mental toughness and team work. The obstacles include electric shocks, falling into water off to high planks, being submerged in ice and runs through mud. This picture shows people going through dangling electric wires that give a 10,000 volt shock through their system.

Almost half a million people took part in a Tough Mudder event last year, and the company is experiencing a surge. The company made $22 million in the year 2011, and in the preceding year it made $70 million. Social media has been a central factor for success for this experience as it has around 3 million likes on its Facebook page. People put up their pictures on the page in which they are going through the race and can share with their friends.

The experience gives people something to talk about and the picture enhances the experience. During the event, there are designated photographers that take the photo of the participants as they go through the obstacles. The photographers catch the best moments in the race at different stages in the race and there are designated photo zones during the course. It pushes the participants to challenge themselves to do something exciting. Ordinary people have the chance to go through such endurances that they have only seen on television.

The course is tough and requires the participants to go through tough obstacles. There is no compromise on the level of resistance that is given to the people. The obstacle has been experienced by half a million people. The obstacle is not just an event, it helps the participants develop good thinking skill, a sense of pride, an exhilarating experience and create a sense of belonging to a team. It differs from the conventional running course and obstacle races and the fact that it has been developed by the British Special forces add a more flavor of adventure to it. The race is tough throughout but it ends on a lighter note ...