Toxins In The Human Body

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Toxins in the Human Body

Toxins in the Human Body


In the body of each person is a certain amount of harmful substance called toxins as every individual is exposed to the impact of harmful substances that are in our immediate environment such as food, soil, and water (Blackwell, 2002). In such regards, it is very important for the absorption of toxins is our daily diet and hygiene.

Toxins are poisons which, when absorbed into the body may affect its operation, and in some cases even lead to death. Toxins are chemicals, which have no taste or smell. There are usually at low doses and low concentrations. Large doses delivered to the body's toxins cause acute poisoning. Also dangerous are low doses of toxins that absorb, not only living in a big city, but also in areas that are not only seemingly environmentally contaminated.


Every day, our body has contact with hundreds of different substances. Some are necessary for us to function; others on the contrary are toxic to us. It is considered optimal, as long as the system can handle the removal of toxins. However, it happens that the amount starts to exceed our ability to purify.

The human body naturally seeks to get rid of harmful substances and balance. The possibilities of expelling the toxins are many from coughing and sneezing after sweating and urination (Blackwell, 2002). When the body accumulates too many toxins, the body's defense mechanism starts deliberately seeking to neutralize and expel them but more and it is more difficult to take care of the body and internal purity. The accumulation of toxic compounds in the human body can cause:

To fatigue

To reduce physical

In discomfort

The concentration disorders

For many diseases (including cancer diseases)

Categories of Toxins

Two main categories of toxins exist which have different potencies and functions:


Endotoxins are part of the cell wall ...
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