Tragedy Of Othello And Antigone

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Tragedy of Othello and Antigone

Tragedy of Othello

Othello is a Moor employed by the Venetian state. He is secretly married to the daughter of Brabantio, senator, named Desdemona. Iago is Othello's envy and therefore to take revenge against him he takes help from Rodorigo. On receiving this information that Desdemona have married Othello, Barbantio disowns her. On the other hand, Othello was being sent to threaten a Turkish invasion in Cyprus. He goes along with her wife and Iago's wife, Emilia, and Othello's lieutenant Cassio.

When they reached there, Iago became successful in settling the suspicion in Othello's mind against her wife. He told Othello that his wife has been in an affair with Cassio. Iago plots a drunken fight with Cassio which makes Othello dismiss Cassio. Also, Iago becomes successful in having Desdemona's handkerchief which he uses as an evidence of the affair.

Othello decides to murder Desdemona and her pleas of innocence just make him feel that she is guilty. Othello, bursting with jealousy, ordered Iago to finish Cassio and kills Desdemona himself. He goes to her room and while she is asleep. Desdemona knows that nothing she can do will stop Othello in committing her murder. Othello tells her about her handkerchief which she denies. Emilia comes after a while but it's too late to save Desdemona.she screams on Othello for doing such an unfair murder.

Othello doesn't feel guilt unless Iago confesses and Cassio informs about the matter of handkerchief. She informs Othello about the death of Roderigo and Cassio's wounding. Later on, Emilia reveals all of her husband's plots against Othello. Othello fills with grief and sadness and kills himself. When Iago comes to the knowledge that his own wife opened his secrets he stabs her. When Iago is brought back by the Venetian state, Othello murders him. Othello then makes a speech, asks everyone to remember him of what he was and kills himself. Iago is taken into the custody and waits for the trail to be held in Venice (Leech, 39).

The major themes of Othello play were appearance and reality; race; pride; magic; order compared with chaos; self-knowledge; honesty; misrepresentation; good and evil (Leech, 39).

Tragedy of Antigone

Two brothers were killed in the Polyneices and Eteocles in Thebes' civil war. Creon was made the new ruler of Thebes who ordered that Polyneices would be disgraced and his body would not be made sacred holy ...
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