Training Need Assessment

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Training Need Assessment

Training Need Assessment


The reason why the company needs training is because it must address the overt and covert needs of all staff, as this being the most important resource, it is imperative to work independently.

The training addresses the causes and identifies why the company does not meet your expectations and these are reflected in the results such as the rate of sales, customer complaints and product returns.

With a staff training program will improve the following aspects:

Efficiency and quality in work processes.

Better functioning and coordination of activities.

That the company meets the needs of staff

Major business-personal relationship

Improved customer service

That there is greater institutional identity

Discussion and Analysis

The first activity performed was a simple interview to all staff, which asked what activities, materials and instruments. There was more communication with the manager, because the absence of manual organization in the branch provided us with important information such as the physical environment is required for each position, and other efficiency indicators.

Then we proceeded to design the questionnaires would be applied to all staff: one for the manager, one for bosses and one final for subordinates, which were designed to obtain the information necessary to identify the needs of each .

Once designed the keyboard and applied to staff. The questions focused on data from partner programs, company training, problems, or factors hindering his job performance, skills required, among others.

It was applied first to the manager and then the other collaborators. Once the information was analyzed to highlight the problems and possible causes.

With this, we got the idea of ??possible improvements, but still was not enough, so some more specific questions applied to all staff with regard to knowledge and skills required.

With the data collected in these two questionnaires, the needs were more visible. From here, fill out some forms (presented in the planning of the DNC), which consist of:

Form 1: Identification of problems by area.

Format 2: Determination of critical areas

Format 3: Characteristics of critical areas

Form 4: Analysis of the information.

The actions proposed to solve the problems identified are:

Induction: It requires all staff to identify with the company, in order to obtain a better relationship with it, so that there is more communication, teamwork and in turn feel committed to reduce and prevent problems that may be emerging, this could avoid being put into the staff, the company's mission, vision, organizational ...
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