Trait Theory

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Trait Theory

Trait Theory


Traits are differentiating features or characteristics of a person.  Traits are a readiness to believe or proceed in an alike latest tendency in answer to a kind of distinct stimuli or situations.

In general, trait idea supposes that persons disagree on variables or dimensions that are CONTINUOUS. People are glimpsed to disagree in the AMOUNTS or QUANTITIES of an attribute other than disagree in the QUALITY of their characteristics.



There are distinct personality traits but mostly five traits are advised as the most significant personality traits. These are fundamentally Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Openness and Extroversion.

I will address myself in the class of openness. I chose this trait because: I often find myself liking to know-how the protected comfortableness and usual of my life. I am most snug when I understand what my day designs are, what I need to do, where I need to be and when. I'm flexible when rapid alterations in my designs happen, but I'm much more at alleviating when things stay glossy and diversions are to a minimum.

I find the proficiency to be open to know-how particularly significant in the broad of my workday, when I'm intensely concentrated and it's very easy to overlook about the easy things that can refresh my viewpoint and give me joy.

Openness to know-how has not less than two meanings to me:

Being open to experiencing new things out-of-doors of my solace zone.

Impulsively conceiving new knowledge on the go by plane in the middle of my day.

Well, for one, I embedded in my brain that my “project” for this week was to work on Openness to Experience (OTE). This humoured me, as I discovered the concept of this self-experiment fun. After that, I composed the phrases “Openness to Experience” on yellow rectangle tacky paper and dangled it right in front ...
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