Transportation Security

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In this study I tried to explore the concept of Road Safety in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on the situation of road safety in the United States and its relation with the laws on transportation security and their implementation. The research also analyzes many aspects of road security and tries to gauge its effect on the role played by the concerned authorities. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for road accidents and tries to describe the overall effect of secure transportation on people's lives.

Transportation Security


Transportation security is a major concern for system operators of transportation system and for national and international authorities across the globe. Transportation, regardless of the mode, is an activity that involves significant risk because of the speed related to the displacement of the moving parts (cars, cabs, etc.) Transportation system is also important because public transport system affect many people. Ensuring a secure transportation system is a duty which all the countries of the world have to perform and maintain. We can distinguish internal risks for passengers and staff, and external risks to third parties, local residents and infrastructure for the natural environment. This has led to the creation of a regulatory bodies, first nationally and then, with the development of international transport, including air, international and global levels.

Importance of Transport Security

Safety is a key component of the transport sector. However, transportation accidents continue to take too heavy toll of human lives, especially on the roads, and around the developing world in particular. Recognizing the seriousness of the phenomenon, the United Nations launched in May 2011 the Decade of Action for Road Safety. The accidents are less common in aviation, maritime and rail, but they can have a strong impact human, environmental and the economy.

The “approach to a secure system” goal was much more solidly established in these modes, based on a long-term vision of zero killed and zero serious injuries, the sharing of responsibility for system security and the adoption of measures to avoid unnecessary exposure the human body to impacts that can be fatal. The major issues of transport security is to maintain the high levels of safety rail, air and sea to ensure that we everywhere in the world comparable levels. Regarding the road, much remains to be done, and in times of shrinking budgets public, one major challenge is to assemble the funds needed to improve infrastructure, raise awareness, provide system security technologies, enforce legislation and follow the progress. Prevention and risk management as well as the notion of shared responsibility that exists in other modes of transport can certainly inspire the road sector as well.

Transport Security situation in the United States

Following several serious accidents involving coaches, (in conjunction with the National Council of Transport) mission dedicated to the development of a pattern of actions to enhance the safety of road transport non-urban passengers carried by buses. The report presents a summary of the recall characteristics of the ...
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