Trends In Interior Designing

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Trends in Interior Designing


Trends in the architectural and interior design world have developed greater synthesis with the fashion world. Your private world and your physical self are increasingly in tune (at least aesthetically) with your public existence and your living space. This new dynamic is changing the way we define trends….because they are no longer isolated. People are increasingly aware that anything in their home makes a statement about them. Design is all about re-enforcing individuality now. Which means there are no strict rules, other than one - 'Reflect your individuality'.

In this article, I shall outline the trends that are likely to define interior space. These trends are not just about interior spaces, but also on how our living spaces are increasingly reflecting our lifestyle choices. On every level. Overt and subtle.

Chapter I: Introduction

The trends in the interior design of commercial and personal style keep changing frequently because of their cyclical nature. The trend that was very famous 50 year ago now comes back and people tend to push the trends of interior design to nostalgic ways to give it a try and make the trend that was new in the past also new in the current day.

Sometimes this does work and the other times it fails and is completely dependent on how back you would go and the amount of extreme you determine to get, your personal trends in interior design might cause a potential harm rather than doing good. So, before you start to tear things down and also nail these up you should consider a few of the interior design trends of current day.

One of the well-known design trends for your interior for today is to simplify the office and home. The efficient and sleek furniture idea and its accessories has made a come back and people are going back the Americana style of 1950's to achieve the look they prefer. Sleek chairs and couches have taken the place of big and comfortable glass tables and easy chairs and these are taking the place of bulky and big coffee tables.

Textured walls are used by designers to give the feeling of having more space and also rooms being opened up with mirrors and few other trends in interior design. This idea should have come up from the fact, Americans like to economize on their space rather than make it a clutter or mess it up and the days for the big cushy furniture might come to and end.

Earth tones have also become famous trends in interior design as many people are planning to paint the walls of their room with the colors that would match to the outside colors. Shades of brown and green have become famous and most of the people would prefer to accent these tones with small places of color for the entire home. This color would make the earth tones look more general and basic and would even open up a room much more and give the look of more area or ...
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