Two Methods Of Losing Weight

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Two Methods of Losing Weight

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Two Methods of Losing Weight


Weight loss in the context of medicine , health or fitness , is a reduction in body mass of an individual, because of an average loss of liquid , fat or tissue such as muscle , tendon or tissue conjunctive . One of today's most popular obsessions among individuals is weight loss. Weight loss can have positive and negative implications on an individual. A large of number of people now day checks out new ways to lose weight to fit modern way of life. A few people favor to use artificial techniques similar to consuming pills and equipment claiming to provide weight loss, at the same time others try natural procedures such as modifying diet, lifestyle, and cardio-training and the techniques for burning fat.

Thesis Statement

The main theme of this paper is to compare and contrast two methods of Weight loss which are Dieting and Exercise.


The weight loss occurs when an individual's body, through the combination of a proper, balanced diet and a fair physical activity changes the relationship between fat mass and lean body mass to achieve weight loss. Contrary to the popular belief, weight loss is not a condition that can be achieved overnight. Any noticeable change in weight from one day to another depends on various factors. Weight loss therapy, in people who are overweight or fat, can reduce the likelihood of developing disease. This in particular can be tremendously beneficial in precipitating the effect of diabetes and additional risk to the health of a growing waistline (Taubes, 2011). In this paper the main discussion is about methods of weight loss where we will be putting light on two weight loss methods adopted by individuals. The two weight loss methods that we have chosen are Dieting and Exercise.


Dieting is the decisive control of eating and drinking to achieve weight loss. It is usually distinguished by limited eating, where eating of certain types of food is limited or avoided completely. Dieting is based on dropping fats, carbohydrates, or proteins, which are very important sources of energy. Dieting refers to numerous varied techniques for inducing weight loss, which includes limited food intake, fasting, and consuming dietary supplements. Dieting has slowly established over the last 40 years, since a big percentage of the population is overweight. Dieting is very popular among female gender as a large number of women are involved in this practice as compared to men (Grogan & Helen, 2002).

In spite of the fact that dieting involves mental and physical risks, this phenomenon has flourished and continues to do so. Numerous surveys show that a large number of women, who are worried about their physical appearance which particularly includes young women, are increasing every year. For example, if a year ago 25 percent of the women believed that they were obese, now 80 percent of them have fears of being overweight. This trend has led to women adapting dieting as a method of quick weight ...
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