Two Story Comparison

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Two story comparison

"Richard Cory" Robinson, Edward Arlington & "The in-known Citizen" W.H. Auden, are the two stories which have been compared and contrasted in this essay. Although these two articles have differences, they have many similarities in context of their characters in terms of their personalities, psychological attributes and life styles. (Frazer and Kelling, 1216)

These books highlights over the lives in different societies. The comparison lies between two separate characters who are the heros of these stories. The main context of comparison however is among the personalities. The definition of similarities in terms of traits, thinking, life style trend seems to be very similar between both of these characters in the entire story.

One character, who is a hero in the story Richard Cory is described as a person who was fealthy in terms of wealth and fame. He is portrayed of being richer than Kings of states in the entire world. Nevertheless he is also characterized as being very soft hearted individual who helps to the maximum level for the welfare of the society. Richard Cory was portrayed as an individual with honor and integrity. Richard Cory was famed with great respect. Although he carried a lot of gesture and formalities with all, everyone who lived with him in the same society respected him. This was possibly due to his soft heartedness mental ability he carried with him. Richard Cory was symbolized as the person who had always carried himself up from others in the society in the name of his honor. Nevertheless, although of having all these abilities and respect in the society, Richard Cory on fine day shot himself down using a gun. What might be the actual reason behind this was not clearly expressed by the author Edward Arlington Robinson. Although everyone who lived in the society was iconically impressed with Richard Cory and wanted to be like him. This might have been the factor although the entire poem never highlights over Richard Cory ever having any enemies.

Contrarily, the other comparitive story is the story name the unknown man. This story came from the author W.H.Auden. In this poem, W.H.Auden had symbolized the hero character of the story by his odd behavior in the society. His personality timely changed and articulated through different moments and phases of his life.

The author W.H.Auden characterized the hero of the story unknown man as being a normal person. He is characterized as a person who was normal middle class individual. He seemed to be educated and had a middle class level of a job. He was insured by his company where he worked. Although he had the money, the ability to read hence used to purchase newspaper everyday. All these symbolizes that the hero of this story unknown man resemble was him as a normal human being. W.H.Auden characterized the hero as having emotions and feelings toward the society he lived in but he never expressed or shared his feelings with anyone. Although it is not clearly mentioned in the poem of ...
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