U.S. Health Care System

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U.S. Health Care System


This research paper is based on highlighting the importance of technology in the healthcare system of the United States and it has also identified the challenges or forces that are bringing trouble in managing the healthcare system. It is recommended that the government should introduce such policies and laws that can be beneficial for them and makes the society share some of the burden that they it is holding alone. It has also pointed out the system of healthcare in the United States in detail.

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Forces that Healthcare System is Facing5

Health Care Expenditures6

Health Care Quality and consumer awareness6

Technological proliferation7

High levels of the elderly in health care7

Importance of technology in health care8



U.S. Health Care System


Health care system of United States is based on the support of federal government, which is running two huge programs Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is a health care program is a program that is mainly responsible for providing healthcare services to senior citizens. It is also referred as an insurance program. That is paying medical bills of senior citizens from the funds that are generated from trusts and NGO's; there is a special type of bills that are not paid with this fund. On the other hand Medicaid is an assistance program that is sponsored and managed by state and federal governments.

The main aim of this program is to facilitate and support those people who have low-income and in this program age does not matter. Those people, who qualify for this healthcare program, do not need to pay any of their expenses related to health care. Their medical bills are paid by federal government and state authorities. Sometimes a small co-payment is mandatory for the patients to be submitted. The terms and conditions of healthcare services that are provided by Medicaid vary from state to state as its operation is in the hands of local and state government but it should be according to the guidelines of the federal government. Health care system is facing huge challenges due to the current economic recession as most of the citizens of United States are enrolled in at least one of the health care program Medicare or Medicaid.


There are large number of services that are offered by Medicaid which includes Outpatient hospital services, Physician services, Inpatient hospital services, Family planning supplies and services, Nursing facility services for people, who are of 21years old or older, Rural health clinic services, Vaccines for children, X-ray and Laboratory services, Health care services for people at home, Nurse-midwife services, Family and pediatric practitioner services, Ambulatory services and federally qualified health care services and Diagnostic, treatment, periodic and early screening services for children below the age of 21 years.

On the other hand the services that are offered by Medicare include supplemental coverage for healthcare expenses and services. These services are provided according to the MediGap plans. MediGap has provided 12 plans that are managed by both Medicare and Medicaid accordingly (Wilper ...
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