U.S. History Since 1877

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U.S. History since 1877


This research paper aims to discuss the history of the United States of America since 1877 by discussing the contribution of some eminent people of this country. Thus, this paper provides the biography of United State's leading black feminist scholar, Patricia Hill Collins.

U.S. History since 1877


Infant #2: Baby girl, born in Illinois to poor African American parents in 1890 and, I have taken Patricia Hill Collins who is a sociologist, and one of America's leading black feminist scholars. Collins draws on diverse theoretical traditions, including Afro centrism, standpoint theory, feminist theory, critical theory, postmodernism and post structuralism, and has published in a wide range of fields including sociology, philosophy, history, and psychology (Collins, 1998). Currently, she is the Sociology Professor at the University of Maryland; Charles Phelps Taft University of Cincinnati, Sociology Professor; and the hundredth president of the American Sociology Association.


The daughter of a secretary and a factor farm worker, Patricia Hill Collins was born in 1948 in Philadelphia. Collins received a B.A. in sociology in 1969 from Brandeis University, an M.A. in education in 1970 from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in sociology in 1984 from Brandeis University (Collins, 1998). History of abuse and neglect seem to be particularly predictive of later juvenile offending.

In the United States, reaches extreme racism against blacks, Indians, Asians and Latin Americans, especially in the South. Until 1965, there were laws, as calls Jim Crow laws that denied non-white citizens a number of rights. In 1964 , President Lyndon Baines Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which gave a series of rights to blacks, and, on occasion Johnson said: "We Democrats lost the South for a generation", which actually came to pass. The so-called "Solid South" was overwhelmingly Democratic since the end of the Civil War, becoming, after the Civil Rights Act, and today mostly Republican (Wetherell et, al, 2000).

Moreover, many blacks were lynched and burned alive without trial, without the perpetrators of these murders to be punished, especially by members of an organization, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), who advocated the “white supremacy ". This organization still exists in the country, allegedly to defend the freedom of expression and freedom to express themselves white supremacy that social group. The KKK arose as a reaction to the abolition of slaves in the U.S. (Emancipation Proclamation) and revanchist practiced by former slaves allies to Northerners (Yankees) after the Civil War. Movies pro southerners as Gone with the Wind , Santa Fe Trail , The Undefeated , The Birth of a Nation and Jezebel denounce this revanchism that gave rise to KKK. Currently the KKK still exists and suffers persecution in the U.S.

In parallel, developed groups of black supremacy, as the “Black Power "(in Portuguese," Black Power ") and the organization" Nation of Islam ", which belonged to Malcolm X. As the government of Barack Obama accused of "racialism" for not accepting investigate racism of the "New Black Panthers" against white Americans.

The arrest disparities then play out in ...
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