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The Analysis of Unemployment Level in UK

The Analysis of Unemployment Level in UK


This research study is based on the literally analysis of unemployment level of youth, and regional variation in unemployment, in United Kingdom. In this study, the primary aim is exploring the concept and context of unemployment in UK, in a holistic manner.

The main focus of this study is based on the critical and statistical analysis of the data presented by the government in relation to the level of unemployment in UK. The research wills also analysis the impacts of this thesis in the life style and social behaviour of youth and people. The research will also state the narration and concepts of the unemployment level in relation to the social consequences that people have to bear through the characterization and discrimination on various aspects of life.

Literature Review

Unemployment gets defined as a socio-economic phenomenon which is faced by any state and society. Unemployment is caused due to inflexible employment market situations, and is a procedure and development of natural consequences of inflation in the economy. Unemployment is considered as the mother of countless ills. It is a venomous sting that contaminates the civilizations, and jeopardizes the democratic foundation of the country.

Expectation of nobility, honesty and truth from a person who is unable to manage two square meals a day for his family, is highly impossible due to unemployment. An unemployed person is provided with no self-respect and has no sense of security. Increasing the level of unemployment is governmental level problem which is caused due to deficiency of parameters and self regulation of the economic system. The high level of unemployment and its consequences is in line with poverty and social instability, as the most acute problems of global and national scale “A ploughman on his feet is better than a gentleman on his knees.” Roosevelt Franklin.

A developing country must mobilize its manpower resources to the maximum possible extent, and a developing country with such a large segment of its population unemployed or underemployed is a contradiction in terms. The concept of unemployment is the situation of those able and willing to work, lose their jobs or is temporarily reduced normal working day, at least one third parties, provided that the salary is the subject of a similar reduction.

Youth Unemployment in UK

Current Trends and Analysis

According to the recent news by BBC world, the unemployment level of UK market has increased by 129,000 in last three months from 2.62 million in September 2011 and in-relation to this, level of youth unemployment has risen above the one million. The youth from 16 to 24 years of age has touched the record of 1.02 million in the latter quarter, and female unemployment was at its highest for last 23 years. According to the research analysis by Office for National Statistics (ONS) the release statement has given the ratio of unemployment in UK to about 8.3%.

Further to this, Bank of England's governor Sir Mervyn King has predicted that Britain's economy will ...
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