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UK Employment Laws

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The law which defines and addresses the employees and employer's legal rights is defined as Employment law. Different states have different laws to protect the rights and interests of the employees and employers. The paper will be discussing UK employment law and the influence of EU memberships on UK employment law.


The first act within the employment laws and regulation is the pregnancy discrimination act. This act was implemented in the year 1978 which was an amendment to the title VII.5. As said by Cheesman, “this amendment made has forbidden the discrimination among employment on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth or any other medical related conditions. Therefore, a rule in which the recruitment of a pregnant women for any office work will be in violation to the title VII” (2007). This rule was passed to make sure that the safety of the women's health and her child that has recently born or is going to be born is maintained.

Another act that has more value is the act of Disabilities. This act was passed in the year 1990 on 26th of July and is considered to be the largest civil right legislation since the Civil Rights Act of 2964. This act, also known as American Disabilities Act (ADA), has imposed obligations on employers and also on public transport providers and telecommunication sector to facilitate those individuals who need special attention that is they are suffering from any disability.

The third employment act is the act of age discrimination which was acted out in the year 1967. The need for this act to be implemented was this that the employers refused to recruit those individuals who were of greater age.

Another act is the family and medical leave act that was passed by congress on the year 1993. This act allows employees to avail the opportunity of unpaid leave from being absent from their respective jobs for any medical related emergency. This act will be implemented on those companies that have more than 50 workers and has employed people who cover half of the workforce of nation. This act allows the employees to keep their job position and don't lose it besides being absent for a maximum time period of 12 weeks.

Any person is unable to work at any workplace if his or her rights are not protected or he / she do not have any self respect among other employees. These are the core reasons that led to the development of the employment laws especially on the basis of particular discrimination. In the year 1941, a chain of laws were developed in order to particularly prohibit firing of employees on the basis of certain discrimination. Later, laws related to harassment were also devised in order to cover those aspects of misbehaving within the workplace that were not in the previous laws of employment which needed more attention now than ever. The purpose of the creation of this white position paper is ...
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