Undergraduate Students Using Laptop In Lecture

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Undergraduate students using laptop in lecture


The students throughout the world has changed their ways of learning i.e. the use of laptops in classrooms has become statistically significant for the students which helps in increasing their grades and increase their learning abilities. The study contains three basic statistical tools which can gives out three to four major findings from our analyses. These findings have certainly take to some major conclusions about the use of laptops during the class lecture.

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Finding and Discussion5

Descriptive statistics5

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Undergraduate students using laptop in lecture


Laptop is an increasing technology worldwide that certainly can take huge files and documents with you in your laptop and transport it to anywhere in the world without any problems. From business to local use, laptop has become one of the most important needs for the people around the world. The most important part of the laptops after business and industry is in academics where both professors and his students use it for getting more and more out of the lectures.

The students of today often use laptops during their lecture to get more and more out of the lecture. Mostly university students like graduates and undergraduates are more interested in using laptops during the lecture because there is a lot for them to consume in the lecture and with such real life examples that is difficult to provide within a closed room. The study deals with the use of laptops by undergraduate students during their lecture for maximizing their gains of lecture. There are different reasons for which the students use laptops during the lecture but the most important factors has been considered in the study to analyse the real affects.

A sample of 20 undergraduate students has been taken for the study for which they were given questionnaires. The questionnaire contains 25 questions and all the questions were related to the undergraduate student's use of laptop. Few statistical tests and tools has been applied to test the significance of the questions and their relations to each other (Ronald, 2010). The more focus of the study has been kept simple and the descriptive and inferential analysis will only be used to analyse the data.

Finding and Discussion

Descriptive statistics

The study include the qualitative data in all the 25 questions, therefore mode is the best statistic that could be used for analysing the likert - scale data. The mean and standard deviation will not give reliable results because the likert - scale values do not provide any sense and therefore modal statistics has been used (Ronald, 2010). The results show that majority of the questions in the data has been answered by the users i.e. it is the major problem because when answers are not given, it is very difficult to result out a reliable analyses. There were few answers in the questionnaire including Q7, Q12 and Q13 which contains many answers and the students did not answer all the required questions. Most of the students were female in the survey ...
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