Unit 4

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Unit 4

Unit 4

Part 1

Marketing strategy

New Product/ Current Market

From the ANSOFF matrix, the model that suits the Deo Motor project of Hybrid Cars is of Product Development. This strategy will best suit the business that Deo Motors wants to opt for. The market for Hybrid Cars is already present, with its users in many countries across the globe. In this way hybrid, technology is growing constantly with its existence in developing countries as well. The production of such cars though is still confined to developed countries. For instance, Japan is a country, which is manufacturing hybrid vehicles at a good pace. In addition to Japan, many western car manufacturers are developing hybrid vehicles to shift the load from already scarce resources of oil to alternative energy module for vehicles as well. Keeping in mind a scenario we can say that the strategy that will best fit here is of Product development where Deo Motors is developing a product to enter into an already growing market. They are starting up a business, which will mainly focus on manufacturing hybrid vehicles. The main attraction for Deo Motors in this regard is the growth factor of the hybrid vehicle industry. People are looking more into opting for efficient and cheaper resources for their vehicles. The benefits that the hybrid vehicle industry offers to the consumers attract them and due to this reason, many companies have started switching to the next available technology.

Benefits that a hybrid Vehicle Offers

Hybrid vehicles have two types of power out of which one is electric and other is combustion. These motors can be operated alternately or simultaneously, depending on the needs. In towns and big cities, where air pollution is high and is often used in traffic has an electric motor. The internal combustion engine is used mainly outside the city to drive continuous. Hybrids can be seen as a transitional stage that as soon as possible should be replaced by electric vehicles and fuel cells.

The hybrid drive uses two propulsion systems. The first is a serial system, where the engine keeps running at optimal speed driving the generator. The energy from the generator is in turn transmitted to the motor and battery excess. The electric motor, if necessary, can also make use of the energy stored in batteries. The second is a parallel system, where the engine is mechanically connected to the wheels. When you need a high power electric motor and the engine can be operated in parallel. During braking, the electric motor is a generator. It can also be used as a combination of serial and parallel system, called system in series - parallel. The internal combustion engine is not idling

The advantages of hybrid vehicles are low fuel consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases and noxious fumes, good performance, and reduce the noise level (Silent Drive). Increasingly, many countries impose different sets of measures to promote hybrids, as well as facilities for their purchase in the form of lower taxes that affects sales. Also in Poland, interest in ...
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