Unit 5 Assignment: Cloud Technology mt499: Bachelor's Capstone In Management

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Unit 5 Assignment: Cloud Technology

MT499: Bachelor's Capstone in Management

Unit 5 Assignment: Cloud Technology


The process of modernization of a business passes through the careful assessment of your specific needs, to know what kind of technology will be necessary to invest and the optimal strategies to make the best use of tools that are available with this investment. Technology can strengthen marketing a business. For this it is necessary to be aware of the limitations of each situation and new technological advancements that occur daily, while these advances overwhelm us. One of the most used technologies in the business world today, email is an important marketing tool, since the way it is used to delight customers and leave them satisfied with the businesses. The role of technology is also important in managing a business, as the purchasing department, for example. The use of technology in relationships with internal departments and suppliers enables reduction: the company's distribution costs and storage space for raw materials and expedient. But the involvement of all areas in the process, beyond the purchasing department, is one of the fundamental requirements for cultural change necessary for the success of this restructuring. Over time, technology has lowered the barriers to doing business, increase revenue, improve processes and implement new tools within companies. Cloud Computing is a model of software deployment where demand is met through a service provided to customers through Internet. Eliminating the need to install and run the application on your computer, cloud computing alleviates the customer's burden of software maintenance, installation and support (Harding et al, 2011).


Cloud Computing is ideal for businesses of all sizes and segments it offers IT infrastructure with little initial investment and applications that normally only large corporations could have. The cloud is becoming a great option for growing businesses and creating opportunities for great business opportunities. There are numerous benefits of cloud computing applications. You can play all your files to the cloud and leave all documents saved on your machine can access when and where you want. Installing applications and software is much convenient. You can leave all installed programs you want and work from anywhere. It is great for occasions like meetings and business trips. Cloud computing applications provide you a sort of “virtual disk”. Cloud can be used as a virtual disk, FTP, file server, etc. to download heavy files, complete projects or extensive presentations. You can install your own CRM, intranet as made exclusively for your business, Financial Management Systems, Sales Management, Call Center Management, logistics, administration and internal processes etc. With the help of cloud computing applications, you can build your online shop in a cloud environment, thus can increase server memory capacity and as the growth and oscillation of its sales (Hugos & Hulitzky, 2010).

Cloud computing applications provide you total autonomy to manage: backup; security updates; applications (e.g. database); operating system settings; and billing system and support its customers in the event of resale. A Cloud computing application manages and provides support to hardware, network infrastructure, internet ...
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