United States Social Policy Regarding Mental Health

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United States Social Policy Regarding Mental Health

United States Social Policy Regarding Mental Health


There has been a dramatic change in the American Social policy regarding mental health after World War II. The reason behind the change, and increase in focus of government on the issue of mental health was severe reaction by the families of these people. After the World War II, an emphasis was given on the decentralization of system of organization dealing with health of citizens. In the process of decentralization the target population who diffused due to major changes which were going to take place after reconstruction of system. Here, it is important to discuss that this paper will mainly focus on the issue which remain untouched even after the reconstruction and also which occurred as a result of this decentralization. The main aim of changing the system was to focus more attention on people with chronic disease and mental problems. After reconstruction of the system and decentralization of organizations providing medical services patients with mental illness were focused. After the nineteenth century these patients were no more neglected or mistreated which in return helped to create harmony among the citizens of the States and it also added positive behavior in to the life of people who has such people in their family (Tanenbaum, 2005).

The reason behind choosing this topic is to focus the work of U.S. government in respect of those people who are mentally ill or have psychological problems. As a part of the community and nation these people deserve to be treated with care and sympathy. No discrimination should be made on behalf of their mental health. As they are a part of society they should be given complete rights with respect to their medical treatment and care. If these people are not treated properly, in return this unfair treatment can create discrimination and it can also disturb the balance of the society (Spears, 2010).

Previous concept

Prior to this research I was not certain about the policies of U.S. regarding mental health. It was not an important topic in my view. After through research I found that it is an important issue that should be handled seriously in order to maintain the balance of the society. Dealing with people who are going through mental problem not only help them but it also help their families and at mass level it effects the whole society in which those people are living. After cure they can play their part in the development of the society.


Few assumptions are considered while doing research on the above topic. One of these assumptions is that I have not focused on any particular ethnic group rather I have treated the complete population of United States as one. This helped me to focus more on the people of U.S. and their issues rather than bifurcate them into different audience.

Thesis Statement

Policy formulation for people with mental illness effects the social contribution of people and their families to the development of the United ...
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