Us Medicare And Medicaid

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Us Medicare and Medicaid


US Medicare and Medicaid


Defining health issues could be controversial. The definitions can range from broad to narrow perspective. The narrow perspective of health is how the bodily part functioning and their measurements on medical instruments. The broader perspective refers the definition of World Health Organization (W.H.O) which states, complete physical, mental and social well being and absence of disease. The health care issues diversifies in term of their definitions, policies and difficult to implement (Olsen, 2009).

Medicare programs/ policies

In USA Medicare is health insurance program is for Citizens age sixty-five and older, Citizens that are not sixty-five year old but have some disability and Citizen with no age limit but have End stage Renal Disease (Required Kidney transplant or dialysis).

There are four parts of Medicare Including:

A Part Hospital Insurance

The Part-A citizen does not pay direct premium because premium covered in payroll taxes. This part covers patient care in hospital and qualified nursing facility (not long-term care). Home health and hospice health care also covered under it to some extent.

B Part Medical Insurance

Most of the Citizen disburse monthly premium for part B. it helps in covering doctor services and outpatient care. The medical services that Part-A does not cover, are covered in Part B. Part B also covers Physical and occupational therapies. Home health-care is also covered under Part B, but only when they are deemed necessary medically.

C Part Medicare Advantage

It is not necessary, but it could be a part of your Medicare plan. This Plan covers all facilities of Part A & B along with some extra coverage that includes, Eye care, Ear Care, Dentistry and health wellness programs.

D Part Prescription Drug Coverage

This facility of drug prescription coverage could only be availed by joining a plan of an insurance company or private company approved by US Medicare.

The Medicaid programs policies

Health care is the basic necessity of everyone. If any citizen cannot afford premium of Medicare, Medicaid can be an option for him to get health-care services. Medicaid is the option for low-income group of people. The Federal and state law define this group. You are not eligible to get paid by Medicaid. It transfers payment directly to the health care providers. It depends upon state rule. Sometimes you have to pay a small amount of money for some medical services which Medicaid does not cover. State Government rules this program and policies varies from state to state. Many groups of people come under Medicaid program. To lay under this group one must meet certain requirements, for example, age, pregnancy, disability, blindness, income and resources. Other than that you must be US citizen or legally admitted to the country. Rules for laying under the group vary from state to state. If a child is living with parents, that the child will cover under the Medicaid whether, parents are covered or not, because, income and resources limited to parents. Citizen must check the conditions ...
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