Use Of Coconut Water To Extend Vase Life

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Use of Coconut Water to Extend Vase Life

Use of Coconut Water to Extend Vase Life




In the earlier times, most of the cut flowers were kept in water but now a day, scientists have introduced many floral preservatives to improve the vase-life of cut flowers. Investigations pertaining to extend the vase-life of tuberose flowers by chemical treatments after harvest have been made with varying success. Several preservatives/chemicals i.e. silver nitrate, aluminium sulphate, cobalt sulphate, 8-hydroxyquinoline sulphate, boric acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid, sucrose etc. have been used in different formulations and combinations to enhance the vase life of tuberose Among the other differently used chemicals of special concern are growth regulators i.e. benzyladenine, gibberellic acid, napthaleneacetic acid, maleic hydazide etc. [Bhaskar and Rao 1998]. Use of floral preservative is the most economical and practicable method for extending the post-harvest life of cut flowers [Salunkhe et al. 1990]. Flowers remain fresh longer if they are placed in a suitable floral preservative (Nowak and Rundnicki 1990]. Calcium salts especially calcium chloride has been reported in literature to delay ripening and senescence in fruits by lowering the respiration rate

Previous work on prolonging vase-life and qualitative improvements of cut foliage of croton variety, Mariana have given unsatisfactory results. Supplementary plant nutrition or commodity treatments (after harvesting) could not extend the vase-life beyond 14 days*. Review of literature on the efforts on prolongation of vase-life of other cut flowers and foliage reveal the possibility of using cold storage'', post harvest commodity treatments1"" and hormonal regulations'2 1 3.

Problem Statement

When flowers are kept at room temperature in houses for decoration, flowers dry up due to water loss. If flowers are kept in vase containing water, the main cause of deterioration is stem end rot. Hence, if stem rot at cut end of the stalk is controlled, it may results in enhanced vase-life of the flowers.

Purpose of the Study

This investigation was carried out to determine the most suitable pre-harvest and post-harvest treatments to prolong the vase-life of the cut foliage of Codiaeum variegatum vars. Mariana, Batik and Aucubeafolia.


The objectives of this study will be to:

Highlight the importance of coconut water in extending vase life

Suggest alternatives for chemically preserving vase life

Significance of the Study

With increasing demand in different parts of the country, there is a need to transport the flowers to long distances in an attractive condition which requires good transportation facilities and the use of suitable packing materials and preservative chemicals. This is indispensable to regulate the prolonged supply of flowers. Pre-cooling significantly increases the fresh and dry weight of cut roses. Ice cold water spray for 45 min gives maximum vase life (8.80 days), flower diameter (9.5 cm) and water uptake (9.0 mL) while cold storage at 4oC for 24 h significantly increases the fresh and dry weight, vase life (9.4 days), water uptake (9.5 mL) and flower diameter (10.0 cm) of cut roses (Palanikumar & Bhattacharjee, 2000); whereas, according to Nell et ...
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