Utilization Of Knowledge Management

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The application of knowledge management principles in an organization is the most effective way of increasing the production of an organization. The utilization of knowledge management principles increases the production by managing the tasks in an appropriate manner and utilizes the available resources and technology in a manner that cause an increase in productivity in less investment. Human resource plays an important role for managing the related the technology in an appropriate way, that can get more benefits. Technology innovation is increase the use of the latest technology for the betterment of production of an organization. The task of knowledge management is to manage the technology to get positive results. To manage the innovation in the technology, organizations need highly qualified and skilled people. The capital of the human resource can manage and utilize it properly. If the latest, innovative technology manages, utilize properly, it can add value, foster innovation and increase in productivity of an organization.

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Knowledge Management and Technical Innovations5

Impact of Knowledge Management Principles on Human Resource Management6

Innovative Technologies8

Software Application9

Hardware Application9

Automation Technology10



Latest Machinery and Robotics13

Disadvantages of Technology Advancement14

Conclusion and Summary14


Utilization of Knowledge Management


The knowledge management principles is the range of practices and different strategies use to create, and identifies the knowledge, and technology innovation (Geisler, el al 2009). The knowledge management is the process of quickly gaining the recognition as the key determinant of the value in the market, competitive edge and organizational success. The third portion of the topic defines that the use of technology in an organization, or technology intensive organization. Technology intensive organizations are those in which the use of technology in a massive manner in a very intensive way. The most appropriate use of technology in an organization is the using of the latest technologies are adding value, foster innovation and increasing productivity of the organization. The use of technology is a systematical application to increase the productivity of the organization. It involves physical forces for maintaining and increasing the production. It is the methods, tools, process, system, knowledge, use in the manufacturing of goods and providing services. The software, hardware, machinery and equipment used to perform the required utility. It is very important for an organization to improve their structure, and use the machinery, which makes the performing task, easy and cost effective. It is necessary for an organization to be active in using technology innovation, and use the capital of human resource accordingly. The organizations of 21st century of the leading countries using this innovation, it is necessary for the development of the organization. Most of the under developing countries are remain backward due to not using their resources properly. The use of technology in an organizing way, or manage the proper utilization of resources is the key to success of the company (Baker,1993).

The result of the man's experience and innovative knowledge management can be use in a utilizing manner to increase the performance of the organization. Technology changes really affect most of the industries ...
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