Victoria Secret Pink

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Victoria Secret Pink

Victoria Secret Pink


Although today the "Angels" are the most visible spokespeople for the brand, the Angels began as a line of lingerie from Victoria's Secret. The models included in the original 1997 campaign were Helena Christensen, Karen Mulder, Valeria Mazza, Daniela Pestova, Stephanie Seymour and Tyra Banks. Due to its increasing popularity, the company used them in various advertising campaigns until the departure of Helena Chirstensen.

In February 1998, the Angels made their debut catwalk parade at the 4th annual Victoria's Secret, with Chandra North replaces Helena Christensen. The models that make up the group of Angels has changed several times since then and today the company includes up to 11 supermodels on its website, although not all appear as angels in the annual parade.

Victoria's Secret is one of the most famous names in women's clothing and beauty products globally, but is best known for the creations of lingerie. Victoria's Secret had sales for more than 5 billion of U.S. dollars , thanks to its 900 stores in the United States in2007 and an operating profit of over a billion dollars in 2006. The watermark is a reference to Queen Victoria and was founded in 1977 by an entrepreneur named Roy Raymond.

All the shops are owned by the corporation Limited Brands . Victoria's Secret products are also purchased through the catalog of Victoria's Secret Direct, which has sales of approximately $ 870 million. The company gained notoriety in the 90s after they began to use supermodels in its advertising and fashion shows.

Main Problem

After reading the case of Victoria secret (pink) I analyze that the main problem the company has in this moment is that younger kids are going to buy at the Pink stores, which it can leads people to think that the main target of the company are kids from 10 years up, which is not beneficial for the company as important figures argued in the case study. What Victoria Secret has to prevent is what happened to Abercrombie & Fitch with their lingerie line; as it can become a huge problem very quickly because more and more kids from the ages 10 to 17 are buying their products and Victoria Secret still denies targeting on tween and teens. The questions that comes to parents and people in general are, is Pink the Joe Camel of early adolescent sexuality? Are Pink's extreme low-rise string bikini panties the gateway drug to pushup teddie and pleasure State Geisha thongs?


* What kids want when they go to Victoria Secret is to feel older, so I think what Victoria Secret (PINK) must do in order to prevent what happened to Abercrombie is to design lingerie and products that are not so sexy in order that when parents enter with their kids they won't feel nervous of their kids wearing sexy lingerie addressing them to buy this new products, and the kids in the other hand will feel happy as the product has the PINK stamp on ...
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