Video Editing Software Comparison

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Video Editing Software Comparison

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Video Editing Software Comparison

Video editing software can really challenge a computer at home. A typical home computer a few years ago might have done some word processing, email and play a game or two. video editing software was for the dedicated fans and it was too expensive, difficult and demanding for the average computer (and the user, for that matter).

Today, all that has changed. Most computers come with some sort of video editing application installed (Apple's iMovie or Microsoft MovieMaker) and the power of the typical home computer is more than enough to handle the rigorous demands of video editing. All you really need, hardware wise, is a FireWire port or some kind of analog capture device.

Finally, most home video editors find that the video editing application that came with your operating system can not provide all the features they need to fulfill their aspirations video. Fortunately, the market has responded with a variety of packages of video editing software at different levels of price, performance and features.

Roxio VideoWave 7 ($ 80) offers three different video editing modes: timeline, storyboard and fully automated CineMagic assistant. The wizard is a module to quickly create a video of your favorite photos, with transitions, titles and background music. editing with VideoWave timeline supports up to 14 video tracks, and output as MPEG, DivX or DVD (complete with base-building tools.) This application is a magnitude better than version 5 and is worth a look.

Pinnacle Studio 9 ($ 100) is the latest in a popular series of a company that has long been a competitor, both in the circles of professional and amateur video. Studio 9 includes automatic color correction, surround sound mixer (without surround encoding) and DVD authoring with a choice between editing interfaces storyboard and timeline.

The venerable cable technology Ulead VideoStudio 8 ($ 100) includes over 700 effects and transitions and a music automaker to help you compose your own original soundtracks for their productions. DVD authoring is included, as is a choice between timeline and editing style storyboard and simple Movie Wizard for quick edits.

Magix Video Deluxe 2004 ($ 100) offers up 16 tracks and ended a series of overlapping effects, such as picture in picture and still image. A mixer of eight audio tracks in real time is also included, plus a large number of video effects and audio and DVD creation.

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 ($ 699) is the last line the company time video editing software successfully. One of the pioneers in the field of video editing based on timeline, release the bar for what a video editing application must be able to achieve. Like previous versions, Premiere 1. 5 offers unlimited tracks of audio and video, all kinds of video output formats, batch capture, and hundreds of effects and transitions to user-defined parameters. The latest version adds a project manager to help production projects share a house or move between computers on a LAN. The new tools include curve keyframe ...
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