Vietnam And Korea

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American Involvement in Vietnam and Korea

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American Involvement in Vietnam and Korea

Question # 1

The U.S. government was led by the newly elected President Lyndon Johnson in 1964. The U.S. strategy was based on three principles:

As little American victims as possible

Win the war with conventional means

The war zone limited to Vietnam

The U.S. military leadership assumed that the guerrilla activities of the Vietcong in the South led and supported from the North. Central to the approach of the US military was so conducting bombing of North Vietnamese targets, whereas the South Vietnamese army in the South had to disable the Vietcong. By means of cutting off supply routes and on the dividing line between North and South Vietnam to raise blockades would North Vietnam of the South must be isolated. U.S. troops were deployed mainly in the air, and the South Vietnamese had to fight the ground war, that most victims risk entailed. Because the U.S. military leadership the ability of both to own the South Vietnamese army overrated and that the North Vietnamese and Vietcong underestimated, it was expected that the war could be decided quickly. The war would not be a threat to world peace, because only conventional means would be employed. China came to America with a covenant declaring each other not directly attack. In other words, China would not send troops to the front, while the Americans are not on North Vietnamese territory would venture. This thought America the security, China and the USSR would not provoke. It was convinced that this approach would succeed no alternative strategies.

The failure of U.S. strategy

To the USSR and China in particular not to provoke Johnson was bombing the North Vietnamese capital Hanoi, the port city of Haiphong, the Chinese border and the Red Delta. Despite ...
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