Violence Against Men

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Violence against Men


Responding to household aggression competently needs an investigation of household aggression that incorporates gender. This has been absolutely vital to calling violence and being clear about the determinants of aggression and who is responsible for abuse mostly aimed at at women and their children. Much data have been collected that confirms that women, in the overwhelming majority of cases, are the victims of violence from a partner (Freudenberger, 175-296)

An appearing inquiry increased inside the area is, “What about the men who are furthermore victims of domestic violence?

To designated day there is little statistical facts and figures notes men as victims, either inside United States or overseas. This paper examines the accessible facts and figures about male victims of household violence. It also discusses what is renowned about men's knowledge of household aggression and the significances for service providers.

Statistics about Domestic misuse and aggression against Men

Very little in renowned about the genuine number of men who are in a household connection in which they are misused or treated violently by women. In 100 domestic violence positions approximately 40 positions engage violence by women against men. An estimated 400,000 women per year are misused or treated viciously in the joined States by their spouse or intimate partner. This means that roughly 300,000 to 400,000 men are treated violently by their wife or young female friend (Philip, 25-216). 

Violence Against Men in United States

There are numerous causes why we don't understand more about domestic misuse and violence against men. First of all, the incidence of domestic aggression reported men seems to be so low that it is hard to get dependable estimates. In supplement, it has taken years of advocacy and support to encourage women to report household violence. Virtually not anything has been finished to boost men to report misuse. The idea that men could be victims of domestic abuse and violence is so unthinkable that many men will not even attempt to report the situation.

The dynamic of household misuse and aggression is furthermore different between men and women. The reasons, reasons and motivations are often very distinct between sexes. whereas the counseling and psychological community have responded to household misuse and aggression against women, there has been very little buying into in resources to address and realise the matters of domestic abuse and aggression against men. In most situations, the genuine physical impairment imposed by men is so much greater than the actual personal harm inflected by women. The influence of household aggression is less apparent and less expected to come to the vigilance of other ones when men are abused. For example, it is assumed than a man with a bruise or very dark eye was in a fight with another man or was injured on the job or playing communicate sports. Even when men do report household misuse and aggression, most people are so astonished men usually end up feeling like nobody accepts as true theme nobody believes them (Freudenberger, 175-296.). 

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