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Virtual Field Trips and Online Projects

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Training and Continuing Care and Staff2


Problems with Virtual Trips4


Virtual Field Trips and Online Projects


Virtual field trips and online projects offer the opportunity to take advantage of a historical to use between excursions without the appropriate physical space having to visit. Of course, the experience of a different quality than the real field trip, because it lacks in addition to all tactile and impressions and the group experience. Virtual field trips and online projects are intended to allow students to independently visit any place or country of the world and explore various aspects of that country. These aspects include culture, social and geological. Excursions are a key element in all of Earth Sciences. This is where Virtual field trips, since it is independent of time, human and financial resources, a broad substantive and methodological to allow a range of excursions (Armstrong, 2002).

This was the transformation of the region to leisure and culture region documented and analyzed. As part of the second Phase (third conveyor tender) has developed an additional module and field trips be expanded to a critical level of content. The main focus of was placed on the presentation and analysis of economic change this once heavy industry dominated region. Virtual field trips and online projects are a means that leads to the destinations listed in the menu on the left. In these destinations, this will in this space, display images and simple summary form, explain the content or destination which features concerned. A virtual field trips offer the following advantages:


Elimination or reduction of barriers to entry-level courses or study.

Diversification and expansion of course offerings.

Training opportunities tailored to current needs and those who, by a diverse multitude of reasons, could not receive the kind of teaching.


Lack of rigidity in terms of space requirements (where study).

Effective combination of study and work for many students (especially college students).

No breakdown of the student with their professional, cultural and family.

Learning outside the classroom context.


Theoretical and practical training related to the student's own experience are in direct contact with their professional activity, in turn, will be improved.

Content developed by specialists (who will, in turn, tutors) who are also in the use of technological resources and media.

Frequent two-way communication ensures a dynamic and innovative learning.

It "teaches" only knowledge but taught to "learn to learn."

Training and Continuing Care and Staff

It promotes the development of the initiative, attitudes, interests, habits, education on the student.

Job training and improvement of the cultural level of each student.

Attention to the needs, interests and aspirations of different groups through training and follow-up adapter.


Reducing costs in relation to classroom teaching system to remove small groups, to avoid costs of residence, movement, etc in students, to avoid leaving the workplace for a period of training, etc.

The high initial costs are reduced after a short shoot.

The virtual field trips and online projects increase critical thinking skills and abilities to solve practical problems of students. Having to read and respond to the views of their classmates ...
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