Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling

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Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling


This research paper represents concepts about vocational rehabilitation counseling and, services provided by VR. The paper also discusses about the racial and ethnical discriminations to African Americans and other minorities in providing VR counseling.

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Vocational Process4

Vocation Counseling5

Services and outcomes for African American Clients with Traumatic Brain Injury5

Research Questions6

Research outcomes9



Vocational Rehabilitation


Vocational Rehabilitation is the process in which there are numerous actions which have to be performed in order to fulfill the needs of a person, who is disable. This process initiates by finding a person through a referral or other sources and, ends by giving an employment to that person. There are many activities and performances during this period of vocational rehabilitation.


Employees who perform this counseling must be trained and skilful in order to provide proper assistances to disable persons. The process is not done for only disable persons but, for those who need assistances, poor and depends upon individual needs. For accomplishments of such tasks educational, environmental and personal factors should be considered.

Vocational Process

The client is referred to special and medical diagnostics, psychological and other kinds of evaluations. The purpose for this process is to identify limits of the functional limitations of that person which causes disability, psychological factors, identification of strengths of clients, provide services which meet objectives of the clients. Referral is often considered when more information is required before planning vocational rehabilitation which may suitable for a client.

Vocation Counseling

Counseling is done by discussion and, providing assistance to individuals. Vocational Counseling can be done in different phases of vocational rehabilitation. In first stage, information is to be gathered from different areas such as standardized and paper pencil testing because, it helps in understanding the areas of interests of individuals, needs and directions of their vocational hunt. In short, vocational counseling is done to educate individuals in understanding the availability, nature, strengths and weaknesses of the job requirements. This research paper represents vocational rehabilitation on the topic of “Disparities in Vocational rehabilitation”.

Services and outcomes for African American Clients with Traumatic Brain Injury

Research has showed that by giving employment to the individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) has an important impact on their lives (Corrigan JD et. al, 2001). Vocational Rehabilitation is always a part of Traumatic Brain Injury rehabilitation. The main focus of vocational rehabilitation counseling in the area of brain traumatic brain injury is to direct, focus, and providing other therapies and services to individuals.

It has been regarded as a pull factor because, it is different from other push factor therapies which make clients independent. It has been researched that, individual with traumatic brain injury is now experiencing employment rates to 30 % and 40%. It had also noticed that, individuals which were previously unemployed, due to race/ethnicity, low education and transportation problems. It has been reported that there were 600,000 cases of traumatic brain injury in the country per year and, vocational rehabilitation agencies provided vocational programming to those individuals in an effective way.

Research Questions

Do aggressive service outcomes differ ...
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