Voice Over Internet Protocol (Voip)

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


This research paper represents the applications of VOIP which is the latest technology. This paper represents the use of VOIP. There are also research outcomes and, future research recommendations.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


VOIP has been famous from several of years. Multinational organizations use such technologies in order to cut the costs budgets and, take competitive advantage of VOIP. This technology is also used in providing ease and comfort to the multinational organizations. Many improved services using VoIP (Voice over IP) in order to communicate with the customers and, achieve positive outcomes. The major applications of VOIP are found in softphone applications and, can be utilized in order to communicate in an effective way.

Overview of VOIP

With the use of simple ADSL, it is easy to manage the traffic of the organization by use of VOIP and, do not include much costs which, make the use of this technology effective. Wireless medical sensors may be portable, implantable and installed on several kind of communication notes such as Mica2, MicaZ and Telos. Mica2 note has the frequency of 7.3 MHz with 128 KB of RAM and, 4 KB of RAM for data. Variety of health care applications are performed by VoIP such as ambulatory monitoring, vital sign monitoring in hospitals, care of elderly people monitoring at their homes, clinical monitoring and other services.

VOIP allows several voice calls in healthcare in order to effectively communicate with the patients and doctors. Several applications run using VOIP applications and, patients are getting better cure for their treatments.


Applications of VOIP in Skype and medical care facilities

Skype use VOIP in order to communicate in an effective manner. Not all the services that are provided by VoIP are hardware based such as AT&T and Vonage. There are many VoIP providers that offer services through ...
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