Voip System Implementation

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Voip System Implementation

Voip System Implementation

Executive Summary

In this paper we will identify an important managerial challenge facing his or her work or other organization. We will develop a plan that integrates effective financial and operational decision making to successfully meet this challenge and improve organizational performance, in a succinct report that includes an executive summary.

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VoIP System2

VoIP Protocols3


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)3

Advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol3

Problem Statement4

Organization-Related Factors5

Project Planning6

Providing a Proof of Concept7





VoIP Effect of QoS on VoIP10


Voip System Implementation


Within the challenges of new technology there is a continuous increase in the administration officials, their subsequent conversion, and the eventual benefits are experienced within all organizations. The requirement of information technology within our organization encountered considerable resistance when it first proposed the migration of its Centrex based phone service to VoIP implementation (Nikolaus & Liang, 2001).

The first appearance of VoIP technology goes back to 1995, when a small company called Vocaltec released the first internet phone software. Business analysts all over the world is extremely excited about the latest development of the internet protocol (IP) telephony technology as witnessed by the skyrocketing stock price of the few companies that have control over this technology. It is believed that this technology would lead to the complete replacement of the traditional telephony systems in the next ten to 15 years, which implies billions of dollars to be spent on technology diffusion, adoption, and implementation (Nikolaus & Liang, 2001).

Our company needs to focus on implementation of new VoIP system for 100 employees which are in much need of connecting with each other and our out of station office. VoIP is the best system to be introduce in the company as the requirement for communication is much in need between our employees and the system will be a new technology for the company which can create an impact of communication system in our organization and will certainly affect the team management of the company.

According to a Frost and Sullivan research report, the IP share of revenue for the total enterprise telephony market around the globe would reach 86.9 percent in 2014 from 52.9 percent in 2007. Besides, IP telephony, the IP-based contact center applications market in United States saw a strong growth of 18.6 percent in 2007, with total revenue of $75.2 million and the increasing momentum is expected to last for the next five years.

A research conducted by some individual's shows that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the strong stock market back in the period from 2005 to 2007 had been a strong driving force for the adoption of the latest technology, one of which was the IP-call center. Certain organizations, such as airlines, travel agencies and TV shopping companies rushed to establish their own call centers for improving customer services. Banking and finance industries also benefited from the Beijing Olympic games. Credit cards, insurance, and securities business also invested heavily in call center setups to help improve their customer services level and/or increase marketing efforts (Kerry & Andrew, ...
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