War On Iraq

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The War on Iraq and its Effects on the United States of America

The United States went to war against Iraq, contrary to popular belief that such action could lead to proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and strengthening of terror. Similar arguments the Bush administration has found it empty, in comparison with the prospect of taking power in Iraq in their hands, to set right the beginning of preventive war and the domestic level to strengthen their grip on power. Iraq war has made following impact on United States of America:

Economic Impact

There are several factors that clearly have a negative impact on the economic health of the U.S For example, because of the war increased the budget deficit and external debt. Due to the fact that the situation in Iraq is far from stable, this factor affects the world oil prices.

Initial estimates of the cost of the war in Iraq have been repeatedly underestimated. Thus, in the September 2002 presidential adviser on the U.S. economy, Lawrence Lindsey suggested that the war would cost $ 100-200 billion, his colleague - the head of the White House budget office Mitch Daniels called the estimate Lindsay exaggerated and pointed out that the total cost campaign will not exceed $ 50 - 60 billion in 2003-known economist William published his forecast: $ 500-600 billion in January 2004 Congressional Budget Office released a report according to which, the total cost of rebuilding Iraq will be $ 50 -100 billion in 2006 Nobel Prize in economics Joseph made a much more pessimistic estimates - according to his calculations the cost of the war will exceed $ 2 trillion. In October 2007, the U.S. Congressional Budget Office revised its previous forecast, and came to the conclusion that by the time the U.S. had spent ...
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