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[War on Terrorism]



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Problem Statement1



Theoretical Framework3



Research Design10

Literature Search10


War on Terrorism12


Metaphor of Terror13



Can Terrorism Be Beaten17

Terrorism: household, worldwide, and Cyber18

Terrorism race or a counterculture19

Another very dangerous cyber misdeed is identity20




Problem Statement

To realize terrorism it is important to realize the roots, determinants, and causes of it. The determinants of terrorism have not been absolutely understood for a long time. It was broadly accepted that terrorism was a response to injustice. Some accepted that terrorist were just persons driven to take despairing assesses by miserable situation: scarcity, hopelessness, or even oppression. So the only way to realize terrorism is to realize its sources. This means to deal with the sorrow and annoyance of the terrorist, rather than just endeavoring to stifle them with force. There are numerous distinct kinds of terrorism, but the one that most threatens the joins States of America is that of the Islamic extremists. During the nineteenth and twentieth century's terrorism in the Islamic and Arab world did not have much influence? Terrorism was still there, but it did not play an important role. Toward the end of the twentieth century however, Muslim terrorism became the most well known element of global terrorism (Liqueur 11-31) the origins of Arabic terrorism came in the appearance of the revivalist movements promoting a return to the fundamentalist was of Islam.


They liked to enforce to aspire by force. These fundamentalists have always been present is some way. They accept as true that one should pursue the works of the Koran very nearly, and that Allah is the only true lord. These things, although, are widespread to every Muslim. One thing that differentiates them is the strong focus on the jihad. Many of these fundamentalists also accepted in the need to reinstate the Khilafah. That is that government and belief direct simultaneously in unity. This was lost after the schism of the Ottoman Empire after World War. The origins of the increase of fundamentalists varied from religion to belief and from homeland to country. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 in Ismailia, Egypt.


The reason for its creation came from some observant Muslims, who were taken back at the actions of Mustafa Kendal, the ruler of Turkey. They felt that he was transforming his country into a secular state. The founder of the Brotherhood was Hassan al Banana, and he saw its main assignment as distribution of religious propaganda. Hassan al Banana created the Brotherhood to engage in missionary activities, through religious education and the construction of mosques (Liqueur 33)

Terrorism became global in ...
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