Waste Disposal

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Waste Disposal


Waste management or disposal is the collection, transport, processing (waste treatment), reuse or disposal of waste, usually produced by human activity, to reduce their impact on human health, environment, for aesthetic or local approval. The focus in recent decades has been on reducing the impact of waste on the nature environment and its proper recovery.


After more than a century of industrialization and heavy drinking, the people of the world are feeling the effects of crowded landfills, and contaminated sites, acid rain and air and water polluted. As with industrial activities, daily activities of a person - such as driving, the gardening and the use of home energy and water use - are major sources of waste and pollution in the world (World Health Organization, 1992, p. 103-200). Waste disposal is based on the following objectives and key areas:

a) Minimization of waste;

b) Maximization of environmentally sound reuse and recycling;

c) Promotion of environmentally sound waste disposal and treatment;

d) Increase the coverage of operations related to waste management.

Let use see the effects associated with littering and dumping of waste products and garbage and see how families and households can play its part in reducing waste from their localities and implement waste management.

Effects of Littering and Dumping

The environmental importance of preventing dumping and littering has not been quantified in this study, but the anecdotal evidence is sufficient to suggest that waste disposal and anti-dumping measures for garbage, can have a significant impact in improving community health (World Health Organization, 1992, p. 103-200). In fact, many households continue to engage in littering, wasting, and dumping practices, signifying that they are well-known of the environmental improvements that can be achieved through structured waste management practices.

This study demonstrates an important link that can be made between environmental management, income generation and ...
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