Water Company And Patriot Act

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Water Company and Patriot Act

Water Company and Patriot Act

Some conflicts in the work place that were identified were:


diversity issues

unfair treatment

not enough African-American supervisors

Uncertified employees working on water lines

employees felt they were under paid for their positions

Diversity Issues, Racism and

There are a lot of organizations who already have diversity training throughout the organization and it does take time and money but if it works it is well worth both. The effect of diversity training is going to take a while. It is not going to happen overnight. Baby steps are the best way to look at it. If diversity training is done right it can be successful. I believe that anything can be successful if it is done a way that it can be successful. Diversity training is something that you may not see the results right away(Nancy 2005). It can be something that you see improvement sometime done the road. It may even be years later before results are seen and that is what matters, being able to see results(Donohue 1994). There is not always an answer for everything but when it comes to diversity, I believe that diversity training is the best solution for our problem with diversity. It doesn't matter where you go or where you work you will always hear about diversity. It is here to stay. It will always be an issue throughout every organization.

Every manager and leader throughout every organization will be looking for a solution for this problem and that is something that is not going to ever change. As we know and will always know it, change does not happen overnight. It takes time to change anything throughout an organization. Diversity is something that is growing stronger and stronger and little by little we will have to find ...
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