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Website Analysis

Website Analysis

The Internet has become a vast new distribution system for anything that can be "shipped" electronically (i.e., most intangible products). Financial services, insurance services, travel reservations, information services, all types of data, computer software, computer games, are all examples of products or services that can be wholly or largely distributed via the Internet. Later on, perhaps music and video entertainment will be distributed through the Internet. Consumers all over the world will be able to buy intangible products and have them delivered almost instantly over the Internet. This logistical function of the Internet is developing rapidly and so is the internet marketing progressing (Thomas, 2006). I this paper I will analyze two websites and and see how they are using internet marketing on their websites. What designs are they using and what can be added to their websites to give it a better look and make it more successful.

The Internet has become a major shopping medium. Internet shopping will be increasingly substituted for traditional retail stores. Virtual stores can be created on line that replace, or have the potential to replace, conventional retail stores for many products. Consumers can shop for cars, furniture, houses, groceries, books, drugs, and even clothing without ever leaving the comfort and security of their homes. As Internet shopping grows in sophistication and popularity, many traditional retail stores will be negatively impacted. Some types of retail space and retail real estate will face declining demand and falling prices as consumers replace retail shopping with on-line shopping (Duggan, 2006).


I evaluated the website. The evaluation criteria were aesthetics, design, navigation and layout, and technical features and use. For basic users, is well thought out and easy to use. However, access to its more advance features has an inconsistent interface and poor navigation. In all aspects of its search capabilities though, indirect and direct outputs are at the top of its class.

Web marketing and e-marketing strategies are important in order to have a successful website. Having a great site is one thing, getting qualified traffic to your site however something else is. There are lots of different ways to promote your site (Branigan, 2008).

Different e-marketing strategies are combined together, in order to get better results. List your site in search engines and optimize it in order to get the best search engine results. Start a viral marketing campaign, use direct permission marketing solutions, set up a banner campaign and even gets more revenue for your site using affiliate marketing strategies. E-marketing experience and proven results ensure to get the best possible results out of your marketing budget (Duggan, 2006).

The advent of the Internet provides a whole new range of marketing opportunities for the small business. The technology can be used as a new promotional platform for providing information to customers through to offering customers the facility to order on-line from their home or place or work. Developing and implementing an e-marketing plan requires consideration of three issues; namely the perceived role of e marketing ...
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