Welfare Of Employment In China Vs. Sweden

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Welfare of Employment in China vs. Sweden

Welfare of Employment in China vs. Sweden


In the era of 21st century, the expansion of globalization has increased the development in the industries. The demand for new goods and services has increased by the consumers that have increased the competition in the market to produce unique products. Eventually, it has also increased the demand for the skilled labor to combine the factors and produce the final goods and services to be sold. The mechanism to hire labor in order to achieve his services and skills is termed as the employment that exists in every country. Thus, the following essay is going to analyze the welfare of employment in China and Sweden. Additionally, the essay will also carry the comparison between the employments of the two countries on the basis of employment benefits and pensions.


It is important to discuss the background or the history of the two countries' employment before the comparison is made between them.

History of Employment in China

After the founding of new China, the Chinese Communist Party, just in charge of the national government, has faced a major challenge and a test problem in how to govern the large-scale unemployment in urban areas in the old China left over from the early days of economic restructuring and the new China. In a certain sense, the problem also determines the historical destiny of the new democratic market economy ". Founding of New China, the industrial and agricultural production almost to a halt, there are 4 million unemployed in the country's 800 million workers, combined with unemployment, self-employed workers, the urban unemployment rate up to 23.6. (Esping.1990)

In order to alleviate unemployment, the founding of New China on the implementation of positive policies to expand employment, the most important initiatives in three aspects: First, to overcome all difficulties on the 9 million civil servants and teachers in the old China left to take the package down. “Policy to prevent replacement of old and new regime of unemployment further expand since an important role.

First to the second half of 1952, for various reasons, the new China there are still 300 million urban unemployed and underemployed staff. Unemployment compared to the beginning of the founding of New China, the formation of new unemployment in the second half of 1952 was mainly due to China's economic restructuring and social development, especially land reform, rural surplus labor. In 1952 the country's rural surplus labor force of 40.39 million, which not only the early implementation of the urban unemployed persons to return home the way of production is difficult to continue to be used, and which makes the rural surplus labor force blind move to the cities, greatly increasing the pressure on urban employment.

History of Employment in Sweden

Sweden has a rather interesting story. For a hundred years Sweden went from an agricultural society to the present modern multicultural society. In the late 1800's, Sundsvall and vicinity most of the timber industry most intensive in the world, today it ...