Wendell Berry's On Materialism

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Wendell Berry's on Materialism


Berry argues that religion and art cannot be reductionist and materialistic assumptions of modern science, and cannot be contained within their borders or to explain his explanation. He said that the goal of science have become difficult to distinguish from those of industry and trade, and he advocates a new Emancipation Proclamation to free life itself from enslavement by corporations and scientific employees. The goal, according to Berry, is not a coincidence, but a conversation.


Nobody would deny that modern science and its technological applications have brought many benefits to the modern world, even if they sometimes find themselves in the long term, to be somewhat ambiguous. Nevertheless, many people feel deep concern about the many applications, interventions and changes that come as a result of scientific discoveries. Suffice it to mention such things as genetic engineering, cloning, cryogenics, occupational diseases, behavior modification, the spread of drug-resistant viruses, nuclear and biological weapons and environmental disasters of various kinds, to cause reasonable fear of where science and technology can be us. Not without reason has some of the most disturbing and resonant works of literature of the last two centuries, coupled with the unintended consequences of runaway science.

Criticism of scientism is much in vogue these days as within the scientific community and outside. Unsafe philosophical foundations of modern science, its epistemic uncertainties, its inability to place their findings in the Cartesian-Newtonian framework, the impact of Faust's desire for knowledge and power, the diabolical use of science in the defense industry, Inhuman reductionisms the behavioral sciences.

Although modern science has clearly revealed a lot of information, material that was previously unknown, he also replaced the knowledge that he is infinitely evangelism. As Gai Eaton has watched the much vaunted discovery of modern science, our ignorance of the few things that are as ...
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