Western Canadians Grievances

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Are the Grievances of the Western Canadians Justified?

Are the Grievances of the Western Canadians Justified?


The study focuses on either grievance of the western Canadians are justified? According to my point of view it is not justified. Canada is a great country and is beautiful in every aspect one of which is the government. The government of Canada has been the same from 1867, and not many changes have been found. There are many countries in the world from which some are democratic while others are conservative and follow different kinds of systems such monarchy and dictatorship (Gardner 2008). The major issues that western Canadian faces from several years are Prejudice, Discrimination and anti- Semitism.


The Western Canadians suffer relatively more discrimination compared to Jews and others. While those who are not white subject to common forms of discrimination that affect virtually every aspect of their lives. Discrimination is one of the factors leading to a transformation of the pecking order, ethnic, followed by immigration policies, in a vertical mosaic of occupations and incomes. Labor disputes in Western Canada and Ontario during the Depression (Felske & Beverly 2004). The forces working in predominantly non-Anglo-Saxon often faces with an Anglo-Canadian. The administration that seeks to destroy the solidarity and working to discredit the strikers by evoking their foreign origins. Antisemitism is rearing its head in western Canada.

Canada's economic prospects will rely the strengths and skills of its citizens. Canadians must have the knowledge and skills to participate fully in the economy, in evolution. A productive workforce and can provide the innovative Canada the valuable advantage that will enable it to compete in global markets. The Canadian needs a strategy for Equal Opportunities will ensure all Canadians and all Canadians - especially those whose incomes are low and middle - will have equal ...